Embedded World - my first time :-)

This week, from Tue to Thu, I had the pleasure to support our OEM/Embedded team in the Microsoft area at "the world's biggest get-together for the embedded scene", the Embedded World 2006, in Nürnberg. I was responsible for a demo machine (my laptop :-) featuring Windows CE 5.0 & Visual Studio 2005. (I was also answering questions on XPe, WEPOS, .NET, SQL Server, etc., of course.) Interest from the visitors was phenomenal, I was talking all day long, which was a good warm-up for the upcoming CeBIT fair :-)

Apart from having a lot of partners with their Windows Embedded-based products on our stand, we also had support from Mike Hall and a couple of other guys from Redmond, which was great fun, btw. Mike showed some of his famous cool demos, here's the proof:

Thanks to everyone who supported or visited us - it was a great event, and I plan to go to Nürnberg again, next year!