No MEDC in 2008

You've probably heard the rumours, and now it's official: there will be no MEDC (Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference) in 2008, neither in the U.S. (used to be held in Las Vegas), nor any of the world-wide events. Instead, Microsoft will focus on other developer and industry events, like TechEd and ESC West, and cover mobile & embedded development there.

This, of course, is a bit sad on one hand, since MEDC was a great opportunity to meet people from the community & product groups. On the other hand, it only makes sense since mobile & embedded development is becoming more mainstream, and thus should be covered at the same events as other important technologies. So mark your calendars for TechEd.

If you want to share your feelings & thoughts around this decision, contact me & let me know. (It won't change anything for this year, but it may make you feel better afterwards ;-)