Thumbs up: Windows Mobile 6.1 on HTC TyTN II

Those reading my blog occasionally have noticed that some time ago I had replaced my HTC TyTN II ("Kaiser") with a Samsung BlackJack II as my standard mobile device. This was mainly due to quite a range of small, but annoying bugs in the original Windows Mobile 6 firmware - from a power manager issue causing the task bar to freeze after a phone call, to the sluggish screen rotation when switching between portrait and landscape mode, and a couple of other things. (KaiserTweak only helped so far...)

So recently I grabbed the Windows Mobile 6.1 firmware update from HTC's e-Club site, flashed my device - and hey, it feels a lot better now!


Screen rotation is really snappy now (other graphics capabilities do not seem to have improved much, so there's no fundamental new graphics driver, apparently), power mgmt. works as expected, IE Mobile seems faster, etc. So I put the BlackJack aside again for a while, maybe until I can get the WM 6.1 upgrade for that one...