Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is final

It's here: Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the successor to Windows XP Embedded, has RTMed a couple of days ago. Congrats to the product team for bringing a great product to market!

WES 2009 features a range of new technologies, like Silverlight, RDP 6.1, and .NET Framework 3.5, that make building connected, service-oriented devices a lot easier for OEMs. Additionally, it comes with SP3 for Windows XP integrated into the product, and thus takes advantage of all the fixes and security enhancements that SP3 provides. And of course we have reset the support clock, so you'll get technical support until at least 2018. (Want to know more? Read the WES white paper.)

The official product homepage will soon be updated with a download link to the final evaluation version, and product DVDs should become available in the coming weeks.

If you have more questions, contact your local Windows Embedded distributor, or send me a message :-)

Happy device building!