Windows Live and Windows Mobile 6: Free push email for the masses

Did you know this? (I bet most of you don't.) If you have a Windows Live Hotmail account (now with 5 GB of free storage, btw.), you can stay always up to date with your inbox on the road with your Windows Mobile 6 device. (Provided you have the Windows Live application on your device:


Some mobile operators choose to customize it away in favor of their own service offerings - bad luck in that case.)

So, what do you have to do? Launch Windows Live, in the menu select "Options", then "Sync schedule":


Now open "Sync frequency" and select "As items arrive".


(Looks familiar from your Exchange email account? Well, it should ;-) Click "Done" - you now have full push email functionality for your private Hotmail account, and it's completely free! (Yeah, not quite, since you have to pay for the phone and the data traffic, but you get the idea: you don't have to have an Exchange email server - though it's a good thing to have one - or a Blackberry device to stay up to date with your inbox.)

Try it and enjoy!