Windows Live for Windows Mobile - now available for download

In an earlier post last year, I explained how our Windows Live client for Windows Mobile supports getting your Windows Live Hotmail messages pushed to your device, and I mentioned that this client has to be included in your device's ROM by your handset manufacturer or network operator. (Some operators choose not to do this because they want to promote their own service offerings.)

If you found this a bit sad, let me give you some good news: the Windows Live for Windows Mobile client is now available for download and RAM-install here! (Access that page from your device, and download the CAB file for your device type.) It includes not only access to Windows Live Hotmail, but also to the Hotmail Contacts and Windows Live Spaces.

(The only thing that's not included is Windows Live Messenger - its availability continues to depend on the decision by the OEM or network operator ... you know the story by now. This may change at some point in the future, too, and until then there are 3rd party messenger clients that you could try as an alternative.)