Windows Mobile 5.0 Compatibility Site

OK, now you finally got your shiny new Windows Mobile 5.0 device (maybe even an i-mate Jasjar?) and are proud of it, but most of your old software ether won't install at all, or behaves in strange and unpredictable ways? Maybe you have some experience to share with others on what works, what doesn't? WM5FixSite is a site dedicated to WM 5.0 software compatibility. Here you find stuff that others have already tested on WM 5.0, and their "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" for popular Windows Mobile software - mostly Pocket PC, since the change of the memory model here to Persistent Storage plus the change of the database from CEDB to EDB make quite a lot of the current programs (designed for WM 2003 / SE) behave pretty strange. So have a look and share your experience.