Driver complaint


Why is it that everyone decides to create their own whiz-bang interface for drivers & whatnot?  Why is it always so difficult to just say "Install my printer & use the Windows default interface for managing it".  WiFi cards & printers are particularly bad (D-Link, HP, Epson, LinkSys, etc...), but then there are video drivers (particularly OEM laptop versions), network drivers (Intel's 'ProSet' ethernet driver crap comes to mind), and then, my personal favorite, sound drivers.  Why do sound card mfr's decide a poorly skinned control panel & a monolithic set of useless addons packaged in one huge .exe is the best way to get drivers on a users machine?  RealTek, CreativeLabs, nVidia, CMedia (I'm sure I'm missing a few, here)  Personally, give me the minimal set of .inf files and dll's, and let me decide if I want your P.O.S. addon control panel to control volume and the plethora of doohickeys that are only ever used by game programmers (does anyone in their right mind actually listen to music while pumping it through the 'padded cell' filter?)