The CD Copy Protection Morons

The poor sucker in my wife's family that drew my name for the annual christmas gift exchange bought me a copy of Fiona Apple's new album, Extraordinary Machine (which is an excellent album, BTW, and took all my self control not to purchase earlier).  As it turns out, my wife had also bought this CD for me.  Her cousin's hubby bought me the DualDisc version, while my wife bought me the normal version.  I was trying to decide which one to open, and which to try to return to some random music store, unopened, when something caught my eye on the Dual Disc:

* The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specificiations and therefore will not play on some CD and DVD players

Lame lame lame, I thought:  I guess I'll just open the normal CD and rip that one.  Then I got looking some more.  The brilliant people who decided not to use Red book Audio on the CD side of the Dual Disc had the excellent foresight to include 48KHz PCM audio of the music on the DVD side.  This isn't DVD Audio (which I don't have the ability to play), but it's also not the 192Kbps AC3 encoded stuff like the recent Nine Inch Nails or Foo Fighters albums.  So, I spun up DVD Shrink, decoded the DVD to a folder, cranked up BeSweet and de-muxed the LPCM as a WAV file.  Now, I'm happily listening to a purely digital copy of the album at 48KHz instead of CD's 44.1KHz.  Soon it will be sitting on my audio server in lossless TTA format.  And, hey, while I was at it, I pulled the audio tracks from all the other goodies on that DVD.  I love the music industry :-)

BTW - I was curious, so I tested this CD is all my CD playing devices.  It won't play in any of my DVD players or DVD ROM's in computers (that's 8 different devices).  It also won't play in either of my vehicles.  My Civic has a Aiwa MP3 CD player (one of the first - it's about 3 years old).  My Oddysey has a Pioneer DVD player also capable of playing MP3's.  It won't play in my daughters 1 year old MP3 capable CD player.  It does play in 3 other CD players (all audio-only CD players), but two of them skip & repeat at random times.  I'd prefer a rootkit, since it won't install on my x64 OS :-)