Useful DosKey + Command window titles

Mark got me mucking with my doskey macros again, and between the two of us came up with a fairly elegant mechanism that keeps the title of a command line reflecting the current directory you're in:

First, you need a little script turd that does this:


I named that script 'ttl.cmd' and stick it in my %SCRIPTS% directory.  Then, my doskey macro file that I run for command windows that I open contains this:

 cd..=%SCRIPTS%\ttl cd ..
cd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl cd /D $*
pushd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl pushd $*
popd=%SCRIPTS%\ttl popd $*
a:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl a:
b:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl b:
c:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl c:
d:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl d:
e:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl e:
f:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl f:
g:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl g:
h:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl h:
i:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl i:
j:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl j:
k:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl k:
l:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl l:
m:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl m:
n:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl n:
o:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl o:
p:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl p:
q:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl q:
r:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl r:
s:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl s:
t:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl t:
u:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl u:
v:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl v:
w:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl w:
x:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl x:
y:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl y:
z:=%SCRIPTS%\ttl z:

And now you get the command window title to track the directory that you're currently located in. The only gotcha is that you can't do <space>cd foo because that prevents doskey macros from running.