Tips on Access report numbering

Starting Report page numbers from a number other than one

In Design View place an unbound text box in the report footer or header. Then enter the following in the ControlSource property of the text box:

="Page " & [Page]+([Starting Page]-1)

When you view the report Access will ask you for a value for 'Starting Page'.

To change this so that the report shows Page a of b, change the contents of the text box you've created to:

="Page " & [Page]+([Starting Page]-1) & " of " & [Pages] + ([Starting Page]-1)

Consecutive numbering for each record in a Report

Add an unbound text box to the relevant section of the report; for example, the Detail section. In the properties for the text box change the ControlSource property to =1. Then change the Running Sum property as follows:

If your records are grouped and you want to number each group separately then change the Running Sum property to Over Group. Otherwise change it to Over All.