URLSTRESS – a simple GUI tool with source code to stress your favorite web server !

There is a number of stress testing tools available for IIS. WCAT and VSTS/ VSALM are probably the best known tools today:

For an overview of both tools, you may consult these blogs:

Something to be aware of is that FIDDLER logs can be exported to both tools and integrated in a test scenario:

When performing simple tests just requiring to stress a particular URL, the above tool may be overkill and you may be more interested to use a simple GUI stress tool like the one used in the video "Improving Performance with Native Output Caching":


Since I couldn't get hold of the above tool, I decided to write my own URLSTRESS tool. The tool currently looks like this:

I'm also posting the tool's source code in case you would like to use it as a skeleton for your own stress tool.

Happy Web Stressing!

Emmanuel Boersma