Measuring Upload and Download Performance of SharePoint Online

One of my customers are in the process of moving to Office 365, they are a global customer with users across the world. One issue that they have had with On-Premises SharePoint is performance from remote locations so during the initial rollout they want to closely monitor the performance of SharePoint Online. I have created two scripts to facilitate this Download-SPOFile and Upload-SPOFile, which as you've probably guessed download/upload a file to SharePoint Online and record how long (in seconds) the operation took.

The plan is to have this running from remote locations outside of EMEA as a Scheduled Task, the next step will be for me to incorporate central logging and perhaps an automated alert should the operation take longer than x seconds, for now it's fairly basic and simply reports the operation time to the console. Hopefully someone out there will find this useful!

You can access the scripts from the links above, for more SharePoint Online scripts that I've written, check this out -  



Brendan Griffin - @brendankarl