Streamlined Topologies and MinRole in SharePoint 2016 (Pt2)

Following on from part 1 of this blog around the concepts of MinRole and Streamlined topologies. In this blog post will a little more on the compliance checker and health rules pertaining to MinRole and how it impacts your farm deployment.

This data is current as to SharePoint 2016 Beta 2.

  • Ticks in the compliance check does not mean that your farm is supported. Compliance check purely checks to ensure that the services on the server meet its MinRole compliance check.

  • The screenshot above it is clear that the farm has 2 servers Front-End and Application, as mentioned in the previous blog this is not in line with minimum server topology, as we do not have distributed cache enabled. Therefore whilst we are seeing ticks for compliant, this farm is not in a supported state.

  • When running psconifg on a server in the farm e.g. riospsvr1 you will see that it is no longer compliant. This is because the service pertaining to this MinRole are offline or in the process of being activated. Therefore check to see that psconfig is not running on any servers in the farm, before attempting to fix the server for not being compliant.

  • The rule in health analyser associated with server compliancy is Server Role Configuration isn’t Correct. This role as per the screenshot below has the automatic repair checkbox enabled by default. Therefore whenever this rule will run, it will try and self-heal the boxes by stopping services on the server.