HowTo: Insert an XSLT Data View Web Part

The XSLT Data View Web Part allows you to insert a view of any XML data source and then format that view however you want using FrontPage's WYSIWYG tools, or hand-coding the XSLT yourself.

You can use XML Web Services, databases, XML files, server-side scripts, or SharePoint lists and doc libraries. For the purposes of this post, since the Announcements list comes with one default announcement anyway, I will just use that.

1. Open your Windows SharePoint site in FrontPage
2. Create a new page
3. Click on Data
4. Click on Insert Data View...
5. Inside the Data Source Catalog, right click the Announcements data source (Notice: you can add data sources to each of these categories you see here)
6. Click Show Data
7. once the Data View Details taskpane opens, select the fields you want to display
8. Click Insert Data View

Now you have a Data View Web Part that is rendering the XML data from the Announcements list into an XSLT data view.