Some Behaviors may not be restored even though you check the button to "Restore onmouseout"

This one is really more of a KB article topic than SharePoint specific, but I was asked this question by a SharePoint developer who uses a lot of DIVs, so I thought I'd post it here.

If you use FrontPage Behaviors to do things like change the background color of a layer, or change the style of a font tag using onclick or onmouseover commands, and you also want to restore the style onmouseout or onblur, you may find that the style is not restored properly in certain cases.

These cases are when the style is set as part of the style attribute. For example, if you have:
<DIV style="background-color: red;">this is in the div</DIV>

And you use FrontPage's behaviors to change the color to black onmouseover, it will not turn back to red onmouseout even though you check the box for it to do so.

The workaround if pretty simple, but also very hard to figure out, so here it is:

In code view, use Edit > Find to find the following code in the restore javascript function:

eval("x."+x.n+"=x.v"); }

and change it to:

eval("x."+x.n+"=String(x.v)"); }

That should do it for you.