April 17, 2014 - at The F# Bay Area Meetup Group - Will Smith - A Journey to Functional Programming

Tonight in San Francisco the F# Bay Area Meetup Group are getting together at ThoughtWorks for:


Porting Quake III to F#: A Journey to Functional Programming with Will Smith



315 Montgomery St 16th Floor
at Pine & Montgomery intersection. Entrance located on Montgomery street between the Dress Barn and Knoll stores.
San Francisco, CA (map)

FQuake3 is a project started by Will as an attempt to port id Software’s Quake III Arena to F# and to figure out how functional programming can be applied to game engines. The project is less than a year old, and has been worked on by Will in his free time. The talk with discuss Will’s journey to the founding of F# and why he started this project. The Project structure, demos, code examples, and comparisons will be presented along with a live code example of how to port a C function to F#.

Will Smith has been a professional software engineer for three years at Firefly Logic in Nashville. He has been involved on several projects using C, C# and JavaScript. Over the last few years, his passion has been learning about game engine architecture. Last year, he came upon learning F# to see what it was like. Within a few weeks, he was hooked. Now, Will is trying to learn how we can apply functional programming with game engines to show the benefits of solving difficult problems using F#. You can find Will on Twitter as @TIHan, and his blog at tihancode.com.