Pushing F# Websites to Azure with Git (Windows Azure Training in F#, Part Two)

You can now push F#-implemented websites directly to Windows Azure from Git and GitHub!

The indefatigable Sir Eel has published a seriesĀ for the Windows Azure Training Kit in F# and the corresponding "Hands On Labs" (aka "Do-it-yourself training in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home" :-)). Part 2 covers pushing F#-implemented websites directly to Windows Azure from Git.

Part 1 - WATK in F#, Part 1: Building and Publishing Windows Azure Web Sites

Part 2 - WATK in F#, Part 2: Deploying an Azure Web Site with Git

In this post we'll continue the HOL by deploying the app from a git repository. This is a bit more tricky due to a fundamental difference between the two deployment methods (which the lab manual doesn't mention). When you publish from Visual Studio as we did in Part 1 , Visual Studio builds the solution on your computer and uploads the compiled assemblies to Azure. But when you deploy from a git repository, you upload source code to Azure, and Azure builds your application in the cloud using an open-source build engine called Kudu. ...

Part 3 - WATK in F#, Part 3: Using Entity Framework with an Azure Database