Seattle user group, Feb 13: F# on iOS with Xamarin Studio and Mac

If you are in the Seattle area, come by the Microsoft campus February 13 at 7pm for a talk on creating F# iOS apps using Xamarin Studio on Mac.  Details on the group’s meetup page, here:

For more information regarding F# on iOS, see


Xamarin.iOS lets you create iOS apps using F# and C#. In this talk we will cover how to build an iOS app in F#, including:

    • A brief overview of using Xamarin Studio on a Mac for development

    • Interop between normal Objective-C objects and Mono objects

    • What to do in C# (instead of F#), and why

    • Using F# MailboxProcessors to build a reactive UI

    • Mixing Objective-C, C, C++ and F# in a project

    • Testing

About the speaker:

James Moore is a Senior Software Developer at Digium, where he works on iOS and Android applications.  He's interested in applying functional programming ideas to user interfaces in the mobile space, using both F# and Scala.  He's responsible for the AndroidProguardScala Eclipse plugin, making Scala-on-Android development much more pleasant.  In the past, he's worked on consumer and enterprise web applications at companies including Classmates and