Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server now available!

FPE Box 

I am excited to announce the availability of Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server for use with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 SP1. The team is ecstatic about this release and above is a conceptual box we printed out and signed in our ship celebration.

This release brings:

· Premium antimalware via multiple antimalware engines which provide 38 times faster detection than any single vendor solution according to

· Premium antispam that is deeply integrated with Exchange and provides a 99% catch rate with less than 1 in 250,000 false positives

· Innovative, hybrid solution to optimize email hygiene in the cloud with joint on-premises management and monitoring

· Deeper integration with Microsoft technologies and infrastructure, such as SCOM and PowerShell

· Brand new user interface and easy-to-use console that allows administrators to rapidly identify and respond to security threats

· Set and forget smart defaults.

· Premium Certification from West Coast Labs and Gold certification from VB.  

Virus Labs     

And so much more....

Here are some testimonials from customers in our Technology Adoption Program, who deployed and provided feedback on pre-release versions of the software.

    • “Easy and straightforward, everyone can install FSE without any problems, because the setup is streamlined and easy” – Sporton International Inc
    • I really like is easy to deploy and easy to configure and does what it is supposed to do." -University of Mainz
    • “The new anti-spam agent has gotten some pretty amazing results and [the] DNSBL is just as amazing. Their new backscattering option should also prevent the VPs from complaining when they get NDRs for spam they never sent…Sorry [name withheld] your anti-spam is nothing compared to Forefront. I was very happy to enable content filtering on Forefront today - Marquette University
    • “Two days ago, we installed another E2K10 with FSE Edge server and removed our last E2K7 Edge. The SPAM for me and almost all of my colleagues has gone to zero. No SPAM, None, Nadda, nothing! This is now a truly enterprise AS/AV product… Well done [Exchange] Edge and FSE teams!!!! – Horizon Consulting
    • “FPE UI organized in an easy-to-understand style and our IT can learn how to use all the features within 30 minutes. We don’t need to study all the contents of documentation in order to use it. Most of the features are straightforward and we can immediately know how to use most of them.” – Sporton International Inc

Let me close out by showing you some screenshots and telling you where you can learn more.

Dashboard with summary information about the system:

FPE Dashboard

Anti-spam Configuration Screen:

FPE Antispam


You can find out more about this release at the links below. And stay tuned into this blog for continuing discussions and answers to your questions about Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server!

1. Official Microsoft Site

2. Trial download

3. White Papers

4. TechNet Library documentation

We hope you will give Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange a try.

Thank You,

Neetu Rajpal

Principal Group Program Manager

Forefront Protection for Exchange Server