Forefront Server Protection RSS feeds are now available!



I’d like to take a moment and encourage each of you to check out Microsoft’s latest efforts to save you support costs and time.


Introducing Forefront Server RSS feeds: Forefront Server RSS Feeds

By subscribing to our Forefront Server RSS feed, you allow Microsoft to give you the answers without having to ask the questions. Our goal is to provide insight into the top Forefront Server solutions as early as possible while saving you the time, resources, and effort of opening a support case. Our Solution Center list page ( Solution Centers ) provides an RSS icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser that points to the feed subscription page as well.


Empower yourself! Subscribe, ask questions, and provide feedback!



And remember, the bad guys never sleep and are busy developing new ways to wreak havoc on your network. Forefront developers work tirelessly to give you the latest means to defend against these attacks. Make sure you are incorporating these shields into your environment with the latest updates for Forefront Server products: Forefront Server Product Updates.



Rob McCarthy

Sr. Support Engineer
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