Forefront Server Security Management Console Available for Trial

I’m Silver Sun, a Program Manager on the Forefront Server Security products team located in Shanghai, China.

Our team is really glad to announce that the Forefront Server Security Management Console (FSSMC) is now available here for free evaluation. FSSMC is the successor to Antigen Enterprise Manager (AEM) and includes lots of new features and improved performance, scalability and stability.

What is FSSMC?

FSSMC is a web-based central management console that allows administrators to easily manage Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Forefront Security for SharePoint and Microsoft Antigen. The console provides centralized configuration and operation, automated download and distribution of signature and scan engine updates, and generation of comprehensive reports.

FSSMC also allows administrators to rapidly respond to outbreaks by updating protection across enterprise deployments, thereby improving organizational agility in responding to new threats.

What does FSSMC support?

v Use of SQL Server Express, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 as the back-end database system

v Manage both Antigen 9 and the Forefront Server Security series of products (including the recent Service Packs for Forefront Server Security)

v Eleven localized languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian

v Support for Exchange 2007 CCR and Exchange 2003 clusters

v Cross forest server management support

v Cross domain user management support

What’s new in FSSMC?

v Improved security and stability.

o FSSMC has been rigorously tested to maintain security and stability under more stringent operating conditions than previous versions.


v Automatic discovery of new Exchange servers entered into the network.

o Shows Exchange servers newly entered in the last 24 hours on the console home page and adds them automatically into FSSMC. This can also be done on demand.


v Server filters on Browse Server page.

o Filter by server name and domain.


v FSSMC redundancy with one or several secondary/backup servers.

o Redundancy is supported under SQL Server 2005.


v Forefront Hot fix deployment

o Forefront hot fix deployment supported using deployment job.


v Remote activation of Forefront 10 (including SP1) servers using the Product Activation Job.

o Note that the Antigen product can still be activated by file using a deployment job.


v  Out-of-Date engine and signature update report.

o Real-time status about engine and signature versions compared to latest available.

v  Improved signature updates scalability and performance.

o Support for up to 1,000 servers (figure may vary according to network and hardware performance).


v  Antigen/Forefront version awareness.

o Display of Antigen/Forefront version on the server management page after a deployment agent job is complete.


v  Improved outbreak response: Operation Job.

o Real-time response to the outbreak of spam and malicious software.

More Information

Please download the user guide here and visit our web site:



Silver Sun, Program Manager

Forefront Server Security Management Console