New update of the Forefront Server Security and Antigen documentation on TechNet

Hi, my name is Scott, and I'm a technical writer in the Forefront Server Security (FSS) User Assistance (UA) group here on Long Island, New York. Every few months or so, we update our existing “legacy” documentation on our TechNet Web site, and this post is to make you aware of our recent August 2009 update. (p.s. By “legacy” content I mean products that are already supported in production environments, such as Antigen Version 9 and our Forefront Server Security Version 10 products).

Some of the things we added or provided updated information about are:

· Antigen antispam functionality. The Cloudmark antispam engine was introduced in Antigen Version 9 with Service Pack 2. (See the “Antigen Spam Manager” chapters in the Antigen User Guides, and the “New Features” section in the Antigen Release Notes.)

· Scan engine provisioning. (See the file scanner updating chapters in the Forefront Security for Exchange Server (FSE) User Guide, Forefront Security for SharePoint (FSSP) User Guide, Antigen User Guides (Exchange and SMTP Gateways). Also see the “New Features” section in Release Notes.)

· Added information about a known issue when upgrading to FSE/FSSP/Antigen service packs. (See the “Important Notes” section in Release Notes.)

· Updated steps for applying Exchange and FSE/Antigen service packs or rollups. (See the installation chapter in the User Guides.)

· Added details about how to specify queries in a keyword filter list. (See the keyword filter chapter in the User Guides.)

· Made several updates to the Forefront Server Security Management Console User Guide, including information about:

· System requirements

· Templates

· Managing servers across forests or domains

· Using the FSSMC diagnostic utility

· How the “Enable” settings affect different products

· Updated Hyper-V virtual documentation for FSE and FSSP based on feedback. (See the installation chapter in the FSE and FSSP User Guides.)

· Added information about the FSSP bypass feature. (See the Realtime Scan Job chapter in the FSSP User Guide.)

· Set expectations for what CSS can provide for customers using clustering with third-party vendors. (See the FSE and Antigen Cluster Installation Guides.)

· Added steps for increasing scanning processes for the FSE realtime and transport scans. Clarified and synced definitions for “process counts” across documentation sets. (See the FSE User Guide.)

So, that’s that, I just wanted to say a few words about our latest TechNet update. It’s also worth noting that the main page of the FSS TechNet Library is located at the following URL, that our TechNet Library always contains the “latest and greatest” versions of our documentation, and that we will continue to update our legacy content as needed. Please used the feedback feature on TechNet, because we do attempt to address all feedback received. We are also working on updating our robust doc set for the “next generation” of our FSE and FSSP products; the RC version of the FSE product will be posted to TechNet the second week of August.

Finally, another good resource for obtaining info about our products is the Forefront Server Security Forums (, where you can easily interact with other customers and trained support professionals. Note that a passport account is needed to access the Forums.

That's all for now. Hope that this information has been useful and thanks for reading.

Scott Floman

Technical Writer

Forefront Server Security