A new start...

I spent the last 5 years working with mobility at Microsoft Latam - my primary role was to work with Mobile Operators and OEMs on launching and selling WM-based devices, with ISVs/developers on targeting WM and enterprises to adopt it as their mobility solution – that position gave me a huge opportunity to meet the whole ecosystem and work with several partners around Latam.

But it was time to change...

In this case the "change" meant much more than a simple career move, but a complete life change - some months ago I accepted a position in the Windows Mobile product group in Redmond, and since end of June I have been working as Program Manager for the Windows Mobile SDK. Cool, isn't it? :-)

Life Change

As you may recall I was based out of São Paulo's office in Brazil, which means we (family) had to pack our stuff (including my Windows Mobile-based devices :) and move to Redmond. We have been enjoying a very nice and hot summer, visiting parks, outside activities and, off course, looking for houses, schools, etc.

The region is very beautiful and we are trying to settle down as soon as possible.

Career Change

I was looking for a career move that would bring me closer to technical aspects and product development on the Windows Mobile platform . I don't think I could be in a better place! :-)

My team owns the Developer Experience and we are in charge of releasing the Windows Mobile SDK, PowerToys, samples, tools, etc. - right now I'm focused on the SDK for next release of Windows Mobile, its build process, components and the relationship with all other groups that interact with the SDK.

It has been a great first month and I will post more details on all that for you soon. And as default, you can also let me know what you would like to know about the SDK! 

Stay tuned!