Calling managed code from native on Windows Mobile.

During a presentation yesterday I was asked how to call managed code from a native application running on Windows Mobile. Jason Fuller's Mirror implemantation came to my mind, and as promised, here is the link and details:

"Here's how it works. You write a managed assembly that you want to be callable from native code. You'll have to restrict yourself somewhat when it comes to what language features you can use, because Mirror doesn't support everything. But it won't feel too constricting: you can use constructors, methods, properties and indexers. And as for what types you can pass around, you can use all the primitive types (ints, bools, etc.), along with strings and enums. You can even pass around instances of your own classes, as long as the classes themselves are Mirror-compatible. "

Enjoy it and let me know your comments/doubts!


Tags: [Microsoft] [Windows Mobile] [Visual Studio] [Mirror]