CSS Properties Window Add-on for Visual Studio 2005

Are you developing ASP.NET? How about a CSS Properties window to help you out??? Mikhail Arkhipov highlights it here:

The CSS Properties window is an add-in package to Visual Studio 2005. It does not change the behavior of any feature in Visual Studio 2005; it simply adds additional functionality specific to editing CSS in Design view.

Using the CSS Properties window, you can do the following:

  • Display in-line styles and styles inherited from <style> blocks and linked style sheets.
  • Edit in-line styles and styles in linked style sheets. (The CSS Properties window displays styles from <style> blocks, but does not enable you to edit them.)
  • Display drop-down lists of styles and values to help you create valid style definitions.
  • Drag style settings between different elements and to and from a style sheet.
  • Edit styles for multiple elements.

Check out some screenshots.

Very cool!


Tags: [Microsoft] [Visual Studio] [CSS]