Does IE Mobile Support AJAX? Guess what? Yes, it does!!!

I have been asked about AJAX development support for Internet Explorer Mobile (running on Windows Mobile-based devices). The short answer is: YES, IE Mobile on Windows Mobile 2003 and later supports AJAX! The long answer was given last year by Kevin Grey, SDET on the IE Mobile Team, on this great post:

If you are wondering how you can use AJAX on your website and have it function well from your Windows Mobile browser, here are a couple things you should know:

  1. On Smartphone/PocketPC 2003
    • innerText and innerHTML Properties are only supported on div and span elements
    • Form elements are scriptable as well
  2. On Windows Mobile 5
    • innerText and innerHTML Properties are supported on all elements
    • In addition there is support for document.all and the style object

Make sure to subscribe to IE Mobile’s blog, there are some great content there, like : Customizing IE Mobile with User Stylesheets, XML Data Islands in IE Mobile, Extending IE Mobile in so many ways...


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