How to visit 6 countries in one month?

How does one visit 6 countries and meet 15 mobile operators in one month?

With a backpack full of Windows Mobile-based devices! :-)

This month has being very active as I'm visiting several mobile operators throughout Latam. It is always nice to meet these guys - in some cases we are just presenting our mobility strategy, in other we are working on pre-launch initiatives/training and there those mobile operators (MOs) which just want to engage even more to leverage opportunities together.  Some MOs are getting ready to launch their very first Windows Mobile-based device, while others are looking into increasing the WM portfolio.

So what do you learn on those trips?

  • International voice & data roaming is my friend and when I can't get data roaming (I can't get my emails in my WM device) I'm in trouble :-)
  • International voice & data roaming IS expensive :-)
  • Mobile Operators in general are very excited about having WM-based devices in their portfolio;
  • Microsoft's role in the ecosystem is still misunderstood in some few cases (more on that later)
  • There are a couple of devices that are in everybody's mind. Palm's WM-based Treo is one of those;
  • The seamless integration with Exchange is a nice proposition for the MO - push-mail experience is a hot topic;
  • Mobile Operators are eager to talk to MS ISVs and solution developers: focus on LOB applications;
  • Latam is very sensitive on device's price point (price x volume)

I keep you posted on this journey, and if you happen to see a "looking tired" guy checking his emails on a Windows Mobile device in some remote airport - that should be me! :-)