ScreenLib for Windows Mobile - no resolution/orientation headaches any more!

Mel has developed and posted a great library for those of you developing native code - on his own words:

I'm proud to announce ScreenLib, a new library for native Windows Mobile developers. It takes away a lot of the pain of designing user interfaces for multiple screen sizes, orientations, form factors etc. It lets you create a user interface once and have it automatically adapt to whatever the device’s screen size is at runtime. By doing this, it offers basic docking & anchoring support for native development and can do a lot of UI plumbing work with just 1 or 2 lines of code.

ScreenLib works on Pocket PC and Smartphone devices, so it's a great step towards creating single binaries that will run on both platforms.

I highly recommend watching a video tutorial that explains how ScreenLib works and why it should be used. To download the video, please visit:

To download ScreenLib for free, please click:

He has presented it here a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed by its simplicity and how it can increase your productivity when dealing with screen orientation/resolution, etc. And as Mel says, we’d like to hear your feedback!

Thanks Mel!