Business Architect Skills Assessment

Six years ago I posted a blog article called Solution Architect Skills Idea. At the time, I was a practicing Solution Architect pushing the boundaries to mature the Solution Architect discipline. I built the Solution Architect Skills Assessment to help organize the skills I felt were necessary to be a world class Solution Architect and used it to mentor folks interested in growing their Solution Architect skills. The skills taxonomy was later used to help form IASA’s Solution Architecture skills profile which, I think, is still used today. Funny, I still get contacted regarding help with Solution Architecture skills because the Excel workbook I used to store the skill information was passed around with my name still in the document author properties. Because of the viral use of the skills taxonomy and feedback from folks tell me how useful it was, I consider it a pretty good success.

Anyway, a few years ago, I shifted professions into a Business Architect role and have learned tons. I now know enough through learning from business management experts and through my own practical experience that I feel comfortable helping others in the area of Business Architecture. I’ve even begun to accept a few mentees and am using the Business Architect Skills Assessment to shape their learning roadmap. The feedback is very positive so I thought I’d share it on my blog. Keep in mind that it is only a start that needs maturing. I’ll try to keep it current with my personal copy as time goes on.

I hope the Business Architect Skills Assessment proves useful to you too: Gabriel’s Business Architect Skills Assessment workbook