10 Minutes with Construct 2: Sharing Families between Projects

Honestly today's video was closer to 30 minutes and it was not exactly what I was expecting, but at least I give a more round perspective on how to share different elements between projects. The first post, that shows you the basics of how to share normal plugins/objects and events between projects can be found here: 10 Minutes with Construct 2: Sharing Elements between Projects.

In this video you will see how to share families, a paid Construct 2 feature, between projects.


Families in Construct 2 give you the chance to group completely disparate objects in your game and treat them as new object. It is a useful abstraction that may simplify your game a lot. The big problem is that you have to jump some hoops to copy families from one project to the other. The video will show you several examples of how to address this problem and make your Construct 2 path much easier.