Cool Links for your Weekend

A new cool collection of links to start your weekend. Next week I will be making some short videos on how to create quick games with Construct 2: Perfect subject for the summer.

Introducing "Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide"

Paul Thurrott is on a roll showing his love for Windows Phone, come and check it out.

Get ready for your new adventure.

4 Windows Phone Apps to Try

Now that you are on a Windows Phone roll check some useful apps to boost your experience.




Kobo Books releases official app for Windows Phone


One of my main hobbies, reading, now got a total boost in my Windows Phone. It is Kobo time!!



 Top Reasons to Have a Skype Video Call With Your Cat

It is Caturday right??? Well, I do have a little Chihuahua at home that will not miss my Skype calls, so maybe it is time to get a cat and give Skype a new use, it already helps me to keep in touch with my family and love ones.


Wipe out enemies as ‘Heroes of Order & Chaos’ for Windows Phones, PCs and tablets

Time for fun, epic adventures and creating a new raiding party!!



I bet you didn't know this. Oh! you did??? Then you should pick a WP and create the best start screen that fits your needs.


 4 ways to personalize the sounds on your Windows Phone

Even more ways to personalize your great Windows Phone. I should find a new ringtone for my wife, now that I think of it.


Why Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning is such a big deal 

Our rising star in the Cloud business keeps growing and pushing technology to uncharted territories. Care to join us?



I better go back to collect more info for all of you. Oh! and don't miss my Construct 2 series in the following days!!

Enjoy your weekend and be mighty!