News, sources and interesting links

Following previous posts to help you keep updated with the Microsoft's ecosystem, here you have a list of interesting links you may like:


Easily Adding Auth and Push to your WP App with Windows Azure Mobile Services

 If you are starting your Windows Phone development or just want to figure out how to make the most with our services, this is the link for you. It also include a link to a previous video of Nick Harris that helps you to get started with Windows Azure Mobile Services.



Right from the Start: Bing Apps

 Are you surprised by the changes that Bing is bringing to the table? There is even more! In this article you will get to know more about the new services Bing has to offer.


 Kinect SDK, String Debug Visualizer, lots of CodePlex and more

 This Channel 9 video is loaded with information useful to any developer interested in the future of our platforms. Did you know that the Kinect 1.8 SDK has been released? New toys for gamers and GameDevs alike :)


 Mapping the lessons of psychology to game design

 This article comes from Gamasutra, and is aimed to GameDevs, but I am sure many will find it interesting nonetheless.


 Building a Windows 8.1 app–Step 4: UI design

Christine Matheney continues her awesome series to help you create great Windows 8 apps. This time she is focusing on the UI and is giving us a trove of resources and advice to polish our apps. This will certainly be a study material for me in the following weeks.


 Make your mobile website into a Windows Phone app

 Mark Hopkins gives us a small intro on why and how you can use your mobile site to publish it as a WP app. Now you don't have any excuses anymore.


 And that's it for today. I have to continue the development of a new game that should make it to the store next week.

Ah! have you checked my new games? Super G Chain Reaction ( and PacMarian ( are waiting for you in the store :)