Weekend Links 02/23

I have been quite busy lately with some Saturday workshops, and have neglected our weekend ritual to share some cool links. But that has come to an end :)

New UI and capabilities for Windows Phone App Studio Beta developers


Windows App Studio allowed you to create with a few clicks powerful apps for Windows Phone. It recently received an amazing upgrade in its workflow and features: Now you can also create apps for Windows 8.1!!! 

Doodle Bombs 

Doodle Bombs

If you haven't checked my game Doodle Bombs, this is the perfect time. Also Check my Windows Phone game Alien Love. They are FREE.

 Check my other games at http://bit.ly/diegosgames 

Best Windows 8 apps this week


 If are are ready to add some cool apps to your Windows 8 device, this is the link for you.

You can also check Nokia's favorite's for the week: http://conversations.nokia.com/2014/02/21/favourite-5-new-windows-phone-apps-week-8/

Windows 8 Cheat Sheet


Windows 8 has an amazing set of features and sometimes we can forget how to access them with a few hot keys.

Nokia’s Here Maps coming to Windows 8.1 devices


The maps will be HERE!

Windows themes: a masquerade for your desktop


Customization is prime in all your Windows 8.1 devices and now you have new gorgeous themes to pimp your beloved device.

Update from SkyDrive to OneDrive now live for Windows Phone 8


OneDrive is here! If you are like me, you have enjoyed the integration with SkyDrive in your Windows Phone for some time. Well, new times are here. Go ahead and update your app and enjoy the fresh face of your cloud integration in your mobile device.


Well, that's it for the moment. Have a great weekend.