Weekend Links 07/20

I have been away for a few days of summer vacation, but do not despair, the news links will keep coming.


Windows Developer Program for IoT now rolling out


In my latest presentation in a local meetup 2 things caught the attention of all assistants: Voice recognition with Cortana and Internet of Things. Well, now you have the right place to quench your thirst for knowledge:

Enter the new  Windows Developer for IoT Portal

Just follow the link to this great post in Channel 9 


AdDuplex launches new monetization platform for developers and advertisers


Especially with GameDevs I have heard this question: How do I make money with my game/app? A common answer (not the only one!!!) is with advertisement. You can give Adduplex a try!


Microsoft ‘Video Tuner’ Editing App for Windows Phone 8.1 Now Available


If we have learned anything about the Internet and the mobile ecosystem is that videos rule. So, it would not hurt you to have a powerful editing tool for your cat videos or, well, other important videos in your life.


Matchingo - A Memory Matching Game 


Last week I was telling you all about Matchingo, a game created by a local Game Developer:  Roger Peters  

Have you Download it yet??? It is Free!  



Gameloft’s Dungeon Gems RPG Puzzler Out Now For Windows/Windows Phone 8 (FREE)


I downloaded this match 3/RPG game last night and still have lots of content to check. The mechanic is quite simple, but with the additional RPG games the replay value is quite high. It seems that I found a new pet project for my free time.


Download for Free here!!!


 Well, that's it for the moment. See you in a couple of days.