Weekend links 12/07

December is here and we are looking to close 2013 with a strong pace. I am currently in Puerto Rico, but the renewed energy of these vacations only made me think about important things in life, like family, personal goals for 2014 and how big changes are on our way. With that in mind I have a few links related with Windows 8, one of the greatest changes in pace in Microsoft. So, please enjoy.


12 days of Deals!!!!!



Starting this Monday 12/09 you are going to find great deals in our stores. Have you heard of the Dell Venue 8 Pro? If you are one of the first costumers in the retail stores or online you could get it for only $99. And if you are not able to make it that early you still can get it for $199!!


Holiday Games


I should publish during this week a few season games, like Santa Vs Zombies, but in the meantime you can check Flying Turkeys, I SEE and Hang Me Greek Mythology. Please let me know what you think of these games.

The list of all my games at the Windows Store .

Windows 8 App Challenges


If you are a student I have the best way to keep yourself entertained during the Christmas break. Enroll in one of our multiple challenges and offers and create awesome apps and games to win recognition, fame and conquer the world. Ok, maybe not that, but you still can get to work in a great platform and even win a few hundred dollars.


Can a Surface RT 2 replace a laptop? Absolutely!


Still confused about the advantages of the RT member of the family? you know that the holidays is time for change, family and turning a leaf in your book, so read this article and let me know what you think.


DirectX game templates, C++, .NET Fiddle, Viasfora, 0 or 1 and homework...


This week was busy at Channel 9. Check the weekly show to be up to date with Microsoft, the developer world and all things geek. Ah! and have you seen my video in Channel 9?


Taking Windows Azure to the Next Level


Your head is in the clouds?? I hope it is colored azure:)




This one I have waited for a long time. Soon I will be able to create incredible game worlds thanks to Project Spark, and so do you!!


And that's all folks. I will keep you updated with more cool links as soon as I get back to the States.