DSL Tools 2010 Beta1 Launches!

Jean-Marc announced today that the latest new beta version of DSL Tools launched today hot on the heels of the recent Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 SDK beta releases.

The team is really proud of all the great features we're shipping in this release.  I hope you enjoy them too. From Jean-Marc's blog:

  1. Different models can now interact with each other, (and with Visual Studio Team System Architecture UML designers), using the ModelBus. A DSL author can choose to generate a ModelBus adapter, that will expose his model to other models or tools.
  2. Databinding support has been added, allowing Windows.Forms and WPF form-based designers to be created by binding a standard winform or WPF-based UI directly to DSL models. This enables developers to quickly create designers such as the .ResX or .settings designers in Visual Studio.
  3. It is now possible to have completely or partially read only models, which can be used for instance by reviewing and commenting tools.
  4. A number of UI enhancements have been added, including :
    • moveable labels for connectors,
    • sticky toolbox (when the user double-clicks on an item in the toolbox,it's not necessary to return to the toolbox for repeated applications of the tool),
    • quick navigation and editing of compartments with the keyboard
    • Copy and paste of diagram elements to images (in Bitmap and .wmf/emf)
    • Copy and paste of model elements in or between diagrams
  1. The notion of DslLibrary has been introduced. This enables factorizing and componentizing DSLs (for instance having several domain models have the same base-domain class). The authoring for this feature will not be present in Beta1
  2. The DSLs can now be extended by third parties after they have deployment. The authoring for this feature will not be present in Beta1

Check out the Code Gallery page for samples and beta docs.

I'll start to list out in more detail the new T4 features after I get my breath back a bit. :-)

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