DSL Tools V1 Released

We've Shipped!

The VS2005 SDK V3 containing DSL Tools V1, can be downloaded from http://affiliate.vsipmembers.com/affiliate/downloadfiles.aspx.

The DSLTools homepage will be updated to match shortly.

Personally, this marks the culmination of the three years or so I've spent so far in the Visual Studio team.  We've gone from incubating the idea of productizing our modeling technology, to the idea of producing a complete working visual designer out of the box, to inventing cool technologies like our T4 text templating engine and designing our own languages for creating languages right through to shipping the thing.

Along the way I've worked with a great bunch of people and I'm really proud of the contribution I've been able to make to this release.

I hope very much that you enjoy it and find it helps make your development projects more successful.