It's a new dawn, it's a new day... it's a OneNote API

Wow, I can FINALLY talk about my new job!

I'm proud to say that today the OneNote API went live, with our dev site at, blog at, twitter @onenotedev, samples

About six months ago, I left the wonderful Visual Studio team, to become API architect for the brand new OneNote service.  This was a bit of a wrench after ten amazing years in VS, but I realized that I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity working at Microsoft affords to experience really diverse businesses, so here I am, and I am loving it!  The new team has been amazingly friendly and welcoming and we're about as excited as it is possible to be today to get out into the public sphere and start getting broader feedback.  You should have seen the ship room packed with people in scary purple wigs at about 7am this morning watching us flip the switches to go live with bated breath.

Some come one, come all and tell us what you think, what you want to see next and above all, what cool things you're doing with our API to help people capture their digital memories.