TellMe Voice Studio Beta1

I just noticed that the good folks over at TellMe (a relatively new bit of Microsoft) have shipped a beta of their Voice Studio voice application dev tool, based on DSL Tools.  Very cool indeed! (I seem to be saying this a lot lately)

I love the process of developing voice apps - One of the last things I did in Microsoft before joining Visual Studio was to build a voice-enabled kiosk for helping folks access local government services.  It was seriously rewarding when you managed to have testers use a natural seeming set of sentences to get something done.  There's just a certain Star Trek magic to the whole process.


I think part of me may end up getting a similar buzz from extracting structured data from textual DSLs - MGrammar crossed with text extraction maybe - be interesting to go the same route as voice and have a confidence match for the textual DSL and then have a process of refinement from relatively vague textual musings to specific textual models.

Many congrats to the TellMe team (or as I'm steadily learning the colloquialisms over here, GO TellMe!)

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