Back in the Saddle

Hey There!

I've been getting many people inquiring where I've been.  The short story is, I hurt my back (inflamed disc), and was on short-term disability for a couple of months.

Hmm. That's the long story too. :D

I think the most important thing to bring out of that experience is, when you have a small back problem, take care of it immediately, or it will be a big back problem. It sounds logical and all, but up till this point, I've been nigh-invulnerable.  I certainly never gave a couple moments of thought to any minor aches and pains, and never guessed the possible ordeal that I could be forced to endure. 

I'd like to personally thank my management and colleagues for allowing me the time to heal.

Especially Sam Ramji--the most understanding and caring boss I've ever even heard of, never mind experienced.

So... I am back!