Hey, are you at OSCON?

This week I'm at OSCON in Portland, OR. I like what their site says about it:

"OSCON is the crossroads of all things open source, bringing together the best, brightest, and most interesting people to explore what's new, and to champion the cause of open principles and open source adoption across the computing industry."

It really is exactly that. It seems like I've met so many people here, and have had so many great conversations, it's like time slows right down, and the universe is conspiring to squeeze everything it can into just a few days.

I'm having a great time here, and with so much going on, I feel like a kid in a candy store. The biggest trouble I'm having is picking what sessions I want to attend, as there is just so many worth while.  However, given the work I'm currently doing with PHP, I think I'll stick pretty close to the PHP related sessions for the most part.

The last couple of years, Microsoft has had a fair number of people here, and this year is no exception. I keep bumping into people I know... Hey, if you're reading this, and you see me, stop and say hello!

You can recognize me by my picture.