Live, from San Jose, it's Saturday Nigh... er, Mond... er, Aw Crap, it' Monday Morning

I'm in the airport in Seattle right now composing this, on my way to RSA in San Jose. Very exciting week coming up.

In order to prepare for the content leading up to Mix/06, I'm going to start covering concepts and code samples in order to get everyone ready.

First Concept: What the heck do I need to run "InfoCard" magic anyway?

The client requirements at this pont are:

Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 SP1, or Windows Vista.
.NET 2.0 Runtime
WinFX Feb CTP (or later)
IE 7.0 Jan CTP (or later)

This is pretty much the requirements. Given that InfoCard is Microsoft's implementation of the W3C's WS-* protocols for the identity metasystem, I should point out that this is what is required for the client on Windows from Microsoft. When the other browsers get their implementations in the bag, they may-or-may not have any of those requirements. It's perfectly possible that the client can be implemented in FireFox using entirely native code, on any platform, or they could do that on some, and on windows, fall back to using the MS implementation. I can't wait to find out :-)

From the server persepective, the requirements are the same, except for the IE 7 part. Again alternative implemetnations have different requirements (Ping Identity's implementation uses just Java.)  I've heard of a small example in PHP already too.

ooops, they are calling my flight. Later Kids!


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