The Apache Visit to Microsoft Campus: Day One - afternoon

In the afternoon, we had Ari Pernick (along with a posse of extremely knowledgeable folks: Ali Turkoglu, Osman Ertugay, Serena Ho, Osama Mazahir and Barry McDuling) come out from the Core Networking group.  They spent about two and a half hours going through details in the Windows Server 2008 networking stack, as well as a deep investigation of the HTTP.SYS technology. Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to this stuff, but I tell ya, I learned a lot yesterday just sitting in on that.  From the water-cooler conversations that we had later in afternoon, I would expect that we’re going to see some interesting changes in Apache httpd, and Tomcat in the future.

After that, we took an hour and came up with a list of other issues and questions that the Apache folks had, so we can drag in some more product groups on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

As for the evening, we all went out to the Rock Bottom Brewery for some food and drinks and some socialization—I took a few pictures, and I’ll get them up as soon as I can.