BizSpark … just what the startup ISV ordered

In a previous life, before joining Microsoft, I had been involved in several internet based startup projects and would have loved something like this: A free software platform to start your business, get it going and generate sufficient revenue to make it self sustaining. Microsoft understands that its hard as a startup to fork out all that cash software and survive long enough to fine tune your business model and grow your customer base.

That's right, as a reward for  nothing more than a commitment to Microsoft's platform the BizSpark program gives you, the ISV startup,  practically as much software as you can use to use for both development and production deployment.

I've been meaning to blogs this for a while, so if this is the first you are hearing about this program you need to act fast as the local launch is taking place in Johannesburg and Cape Town next week.

This program is, in my opinion, very well thought out, so for all the details, terms and conditions make your way along to one of these events or check them out on the BizSpark web site.