Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 Released

I missed the fact that a couple of weeks back Microsoft released version 3.0 of the SQL Server JDBC drivers so quickly after having released the CPT at the beginning of March.

The JDBC drivers now provides support for SQL Server 2008 features including:

  • Date and Time data types (time, date, datetime2 and datetimeoffset in addition to the existing datatime support)
  • Sparse columns
  • The MERGE statement
  • Large user-defined types (UDTs) with greater the 8Kb of data

All this in addition to the functionally and JDBC 4.0 API and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption support included in the previous 2.0 release.

Feel free to download the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 drivers today and evaluate all this new functionality and for additional information check out the SQL Server JDBC page on MSDN.

The SQL Server JDBC 3.0 driver is freely redistributable with your application under a separate Redistribution License, all that is required is that you register.