Another JLCA customer query…

I have a java applet that connects to a servlet which makes calls to an ADOMD.dll via a Java Native Interface. For Microsoft clients I need to change the back end. I was planning to create a Web service in C# to receive requests from the applet and retrieve data from Analysis Services. I already know how to connect to a C# Web service with my applet so now I need the ADOMD piece. My questions are:

1) Can I do this using a Web service with my existing C++ dll that makes MDX calls? Are there examples of this some where?
2) Do I have to use ADOMD.NET with my Web service? Are there examples in C#? Where can I get the documentation or ADOMD.NET syntax?

A> Though I am not an expert in this here are a few pointers. The whitepaper here might be of good help to you. You may also want to check out the MSDN Web-cast “Building Business Intelligence Applications with ADOMD.NET” available here.