AJAX Performance Bestpractices

Recently someone asked me about the best practices for AJAX performance.

Though this information is scattered all around, I thought it might be useful to capture it in a single blog post. So here you go >>>

The AJAX performance tips from JScript perspective (the area I work on) would vary depending upon the browser version you are running.

For IE 7 and below, take a look at these blog posts, which cover the best practices for AJAX performance in detail.

For IE8, the best place for you to start could be the CodeFocus article on Performance Improvements in Internet Explorer 8 Beta2. This article details the performance changes that are now a part of IE8. Some of these changes would obviate the need for developers to devise complex alternate solutions for operations like string concatenation etc.

Other good resources for AJAX performance would include:

· IE8 Readiness Toolkit for Developers

· JScript and IE blogs

And last but not the least, IE8 now ships an inbuilt JScript profiler as a part of the IE8 Developer Tools. The JScript profiler is really helpful for analyzing the performance of the AJAX application, and helps identify the hot-spot functions and paths which a user could target to improve the performance of an AJAX application. You could read more about the same at my blog around Analyzing the AJAX Application Performance.

Hope this helps!

-- Gaurav