Back to the world of Blogging

I know I have kept away from blogging for quite some time now. There were pleasant changes in life that I was adapting to and kept me busy for a while. Beyond that, I would say it was some procrastination which kept me away. Well, so here I am, kicking the procrastination off … !!!

So what have I been doing for the past one year?

Well on the work front, it’s mainly been work to ship the next version of the J# Redist called the Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable – Second Edition(SE). The 2.0-SE release would be shipped in three variants like the .NET Fx SKUs – one SKU for each platform type viz. x86, x64 or amd64 as some people call it and ia64. Apart from enabling users to execute their Visual J# applications natively on 64-bit platforms, the release also contains quite a few bug fixes as compared to the previous release. We are on track to release the product in the second quarter of calendar year 2007 as published on the Visual J# landing page on MSDN.