JLCA 3.0 is now SQM Enabled

With the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and JLCA 3.0, we are a step closer to the customers. In today’s blog I am going to discuss about the Software Quality Metrics (SQM) feature that is now enabled in JLCA as a part of this release.

Here are a few excerpts from James Lau’s Blog about SQM …

SQM is a part of the Customer Experience Program and is basically an infrastructure that is used to log, transfer and report on how customers use the JLCA product and Visual Studio in general. SQM is not proprietary to Visual Studio; in fact, many other product groups are also using SQM: Office, Media Player, MSN Messenger and Money, just to name a few.

Though the participation is completely voluntary, there is absolutely no disadvantage in participating as it will not degrade performance, and the process is completely transparent to the users. Participation in this allows Microsoft to understand how customers use our product and allow us to focus our resources on the things that matter the most to you!  

One very important point - all data logged is completely anonymous.

Read More abt this at the link above…

It was surely a tough decision regarding SQM for JLCA team as we got this feature in post the Beta2 release of Whidbey. But we recognized the fact that we need to get closer to the customers and know more about their needs of the customers from the product.

I would just like to re-iterate that if you are a user of JLCA we would urge you to participate in this program. To participate in this program go to the Help menu in Visual Studio 2005 and choose “Customer Feedback Options...” and enroll.